This past Friday a jury in Apple v. Samsung II, the fiasco in ‘Frisco, came (mostly) to a conclusion.  Unlike the previous jury that awarded Apple over $2Bn dollars for patent infringement, this jury awarded them about $120 million dollars.  That works out to about %5.5 of the original award.

However, Apple was also found to infringe one of Samsung’s patents as well.  This will make the PR portion to spin this in a positive direction very difficult.  It is hard to play the injured party when you are an infringer as well.

If this truly is the end of the line, the 50 month battle with Samsung may not have even been paid for by this verdict according to Brian Love, an assistant professor at the Santa Clara University School of Law, said in an e-mail. The amount of damages “probably doesn’t surpass by too much the amount Apple spent litigating this case,” he said.

Apple had also sought an injunction halting sales of 10 Samsung devices.  However, most of those devices are no longer sold in the U.S.

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