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  • The owner of hot dog business was unable to convince the United States Trademark Office that his trademark for “Franks Anatra” would not cause confusion with the famous singer with a similar sounding name. Frank Sinatra LLC opposed the trademark application, alleging that it falsely suggested a connection with Ol’ Blue Eyes. To establish that […]

  • The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued its final rules governing derivation proceedings. The new patent proceedings are designed to ensure that a person will not be able to obtain a patent for an invention that he or she did not actually invent under the new first-inventor-to-file system. Under the rules, if a dispute […]

  • I have previously written about how the European Chamber of Commerce would like to see bold changes in China’s IP law. Well, a report on the status of innovation and intellectual property in Europe suggests that the EUmust make “bold” reforms to keep up with the ever-evolving digital economy. The report, authored by ten European […]

  • Yesterday, I told you about the DuPont trade secret case. Today, I would like to point out that employees can also be in voilation of state and federal trade secret law. A former Motorola employee has been sentenced to four years in prison for trade secret theft. Hanjuan Jin’s sentence is one of the harshest […]

  • DuPont Co. was recently awarded a 20-year permanent injunction in a trade secrets misappropriation case involving its Kevlar technology. The court order bans Korean textile maker Kolon Industries Inc. from making a competing high-strength fiber. The court order demonstrates the severity of the remedies available in a trade secrets case. Kolon was already ordered by […]

  • Cable company or not? ivi, Inc. (pronounced ivy) based out of Seattle has been offering software that provides live video streaming over the Internet for a flat rate. ivi claims to be the first online cable company offering live television on the Internet. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed a preliminary injunction against […]