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  • On Friday, October 14th, I received an email from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) that effective November 1st, 2011 the fees for filing an international patent (a PCT) will be increasing.  The entire fee schedule can be found here:

  • What has happened? On 20 June 2011, ICANN, the international body governing internet naming policy, gave official approval to the new Top-Level Domain (TLD) program. The policy will allow domain names to terminate with almost any word and in any language or script, thus enabling companies and communities to create their own customized domain names, […]

  • Steve Jobs the founder and savior of Apple Computers has died.  The world is a sadder place and will miss his innovation and style that has defined generations of computer users, music lovers and artists.

  •   In this image of Vesta, taken by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft just shortly before the beginning of high altitude mapping orbit, north is up and the upper right corner is to the northeast. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA › Full image and caption PASADENA, Calif. – NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has completed a gentle spiral into its new […]

  • On August 16, 2011, the USPTO issued patent number eight million to Dr. Robert J. Greenberg, Kelly H. McClure and Arup Roy for a visual prosthesis that enhances visual perception for people who have lost their sight.

  • The USPTO announced its revised fee schedule on September 16, following the America Invents Act being signed into law by President Barack Obama. The enactment of the legislation places a 15 percent surcharge on certain patent fees that became effective September 26, 2011.